About My Practice

My physical therapy practice philosophy is centered around individualized care with a focus on treating the root of the problem not just the symptoms.  I do not utilize aides or assistants, my entire treatment session is spent with my patient.  My practice specializes in relieving pain, improving motor control and stability to maximize function in patients with a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions across the ages, from infants to mature adults.  I incorporate the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) with progressive corrective exercises utilizing the neurodevelopmental sequence, joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques. Although I have them available, I rarely utilize the traditional PT modalities for example ultrasound and electric stimulation.  I believe physical therapy should be an active process, not a passive one.  Active participation on the part of the patient is crucial for a positive outcome. Education is an important element of my practice as knowledge is key to preventing further illness or injury.  I work hard to empower my patients with the tools they need to be as independent as possible.

I see my patients in two venues:

  • a private home studio

  • a private room inside Pulse Fitness Bethesda

In addition I make some limited home visits.


If everything you read above sounds like the type of physical therapy service you would be interested in - Read On...

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