I evaluate and treat most orthopedic / musculoskeletal conditions from infants to mature adults:

Infant torticollis

Developmental Delay

Toe walking

Sports Injuries

Workers comp injuries

Back and neck injuries

Foot and ankle injuries

Pre and Post-surgical orthopedic care including joint replacement

Non-surgical and surgical tendon ruptures and fractures

Ligament sprains

Tendinitis and bursitis

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis




Cancer related issues due to various forms of treatment

Other orthopedic joint and soft tissue injuries

I also provide care for neurologic and pulmonary conditions:


Parkinson's disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Peripheral Neuropathy

Balance and gait disorders

Poor posture

Pulmonary disease: Muscular weakness occurs from illness induced inactivity and certain medications which results in difficulty walking, transferring and negotiating steps/curbs. I teach strengthening exercises, breathing strategies and energy conservation techniques while monitoring vital signs including oxygen saturation levels to help promote a return to full function

Physical Therapy Services

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